Welcome to Golding’s Business for Jewellery

Here you will find jewellery handmade in original designs by Silverflamze.

The collection of Jewellery is enhanced with positive energy and radiates abundance, joy, and spiritual protection.

Long into the history of Jewellery Production, always traditionally certain elements of nature were revered for the strength of energy that seemed to be magically embedded into the psyche of the object.

With beads of Amber to Rare Shells, then a certain type of wood from certain types of trees and so on…  The Jewellery was Traded for commerce and of course, Certain Jewellery produced form particular Tribe people were highly Regarded.

So Here Today in The New Millennium I would like to invite you to consider opportunities from  Purchasing from Silverflamze.

Handmade with Positive Intention

Thank you

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